Drizzle 100% Pure, Bee-Friendly Honey

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Your daily dose of nectar

Forget the elixir of youth, we’re drinking the nectar of health: Golden, creamy, functional honey. Brimming with nutrients and antioxidants, Drizzle is the healthiest honey you could ask for: 100% pure and powered with superfoods so you can have your honey and eat it, too (every day if you’re anything like us). It’s good for you and good for the bees, so go ahead and bee well.

Golden Raw Honey - 500g

Drizzle Golden is a rich, bold, raw honey, perfectly paired with daring flavours like hot sauce, aged cheese or a cup of strong coffee.

Ways to Enjoy

Gently warm with salted butter for a delicious drizzle into your morning cup of coffee, or some everyday treats such as fresh biscuits, cornbread and popcorn.

White Raw Honey - 500g

Drizzle White is a light, delicate, raw honey, buttery in texture and perfectly paired with fresh flavours like fruit, lattes and warm bread.

Ways to Enjoy

Recipe suggestion: Stir into hot water then shake over ice to add the perfect sweetness to your favourite cocktail recipe.

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