Field Kit: Candles.

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Field Kit is an artisanal fragrance company, focused on minimal design and sustainable production. We believe that beauty and utility can be found in everyday objects and that this combination is found when goods are crafted simply and with purpose.

100% soy wax
Clean burning cotton wick
Fine fragrance oils
Reusable glass jar

8oz | 227g
50+ hour burn time
Made in Canada

The Artist

Intoxicating conversations
Palettes rich with colour
A stack of unfinished painting

Top notes - anise + melissa
Mid notes - cinnamon + nutmeg
Base notes - vanilla + amber

The Beekeeper

Clouds of honey bees
Golden light
A sea of swaying grass

Top notes - sweet orange + apple
Mid notes - clover + wild honey
Base notes - white musk

The Explorer

Sights unseen
Mysterious air
A taste of exotic fruit

Top notes - ginger + bergamot
Mid notes - cedar + basil
Base notes - sandalwood + patchouli

The Florist

Bouquets of fragrance
Spring days
A meadow of wild flower

Top notes - apple blossom
Mid notes - lilac + rose
Base notes - jasmine + grass

The Home

Deep conversations
A bittersweet reflection

Top notes - coffee
Mid notes - brown sugar
Base notes - vanilla + clove

The Professor

Cosy armchairs
A library of new ideas

Top notes - apple + bergamot
Mid notes - rose hip
Base notes - black tea

The Solarium

Sweet sticky figs
Humid haze
A verdant oasis

Top notes - fig + peppermint
Mid notes - basil
Base notes - fig leaf

The Garden

Handfuls of plump berries
Muddled mint leaves
A moment before harvest

Top notes - peppermint
Mid notes - elderberry + basil
Base notes - sage + earth

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