Lady Flora
Lady Flora
Lady Flora

Lady Flora

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Lady Flora
Pretty and whimsical our sassy lady lash pot transformed into a unicorn with everlast florals; along with a natural and organic floral infused skincare duo, body lotion and soap to gently nourish all skin types.
This pampering gift box makes a lovely decor and a whimsy treat for floral lovers.
Gift Box includes:
  • 1 Lady Lash Pot with Everlast Florals
Our pretty lady lash pot with a whimsy everlast floral arrangement to enjoy for years to come
  • 1 Flora Soap  
Flora soap, nourishing gentle organic soap by Woodlot
  • 1 Flora Body Lotion
Flora body lotion, nourishing and gentle lotion by Woodlot



Please note that preserved flower arrangement should be placed where it’s less humid, avoid moisture and direct sunlight. 
They should last for a few years under proper care!

Please note that the images shown are solely examples of a typical piece as each arrangement is custom designed.